Looking back/Recount of Daniel Silva´s book “The Messenger”

The story begins in London where a notebook of a killed al-Quaida suspect was found. An anti-terror organisation found pictures of the Vatican on it so they thought that there might be an attack on the pope. Due to the fact that in a few days will be a festival in the Vatican which will be visited by a lot of people especially catholics.  Gabriel Allon, an operative, went there to check the situation. And in reality there was an attack to kill the pope but with a lot of luck Gabriel could safe him but however a lot of people died. In the next days Gabriel and his team revealed a lot of information about the attack and they also had a suspicion that Zizi al-Bakari, a billionaire, could be the big boss of this organisation. So they searched for a plan to find out if this suspicion would be right and what they are willing to plan next. Because of the knowledge that Zizi al-Bakari is interested in arts they offered him a valuable and unknown van Gogh. Zizi al-Bakari really liked the picture and-which was Gabriels plan- also the woman who showed him the portrait. Her name was Sarah Bancroft and the plan was about being the new art-branche boss of Zizi al-Bakari because his last had resigned. And the plan went right!

After some days Zizi al-Bakari invited her to his yacht to get to know her new colleagues. But just after some time Zizi al-Bakari and his team noticed that Sarah is a special agent so they sent her to Zurich asking who had sent her and after this to kill her. She was hit and treaten until she divulged who is her boss and gave other information about her job. But if you want to know whether they killed her and what else will happen in the end you have to read the book!

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Development/Prediction 2 of Daniel Silva´s book “The Messenger”

In the post before I wrote what has happened in the story until now and I´m going to tell you how some charakters probably will change:

I think that Sarah, the secret agent, fell in love with Gabriel Allon because she thinks about him very often. But-to my mind-Gabriel doesn´t feel like this and also he is in love with Chiara for now. He seems to be only interested in this important operation but maybe he can hide his feelings because he is an agent?!

But also Zizi al-Bakari has changed a lot! At first he pretended that he would like Sarah and I think that wasn´t a lie. But after he came to know that Sarah is not a nice girl who is interested in arts he wanted his bodyguards to kill her after she said who had sent her for this job.

Chiara has also changed but in a good way. In the beginning of the book she was really unkindly to Gabriel because of the breakup but now she is so friendly and helpful because she helps Gabriel and his team during the operation.

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Development/Prediction of Daniel Silva´s book “The Messenger”

I´m nearly at the end of the book and now it´s not going to have a happy end. The story went on like this:

Gabriel Allon, our operative, sent Sarah Bancroft to Zizi al-Bakari, the boss of the whole terrorist organisation, to find out what they are planning to do next, e.g. which other persons are important in this organisation and so on. Sarah Bancroft is in truth a secret agent. To integrate Sarah he used an unknown and valuable portrait, which was made by van Gogh. Gabriel´s friend Isherwood who deals with pictures in the whole world hired her for some days to explain her how to dispute with pictures. Then they invited Zizi al-Bakari to show him the portrait. He really liked the picture and also Sarah and her knowledge about art so he invited her going on his yacht for vacation. After some days he made an offer to Sarah: she should be the new boss in his art section. And-of course-she agreed. First time all was well. But after some days they were exposed and Sarah was brought to Zurich. On the way the personal of Zizi al-Bakari asked her which organisation she belongs to but she pretended not to know anything. So they told her that she will die slowly and painfully.

I think that Gabriel Allon and his team will help her out of her awkward situation. I´m quite sure that he will devise another clever plan to help her and there will be a happy end.

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Character Analysis 2 of Daniel Silva´s book “The Messenger”

I just want to say something about Gabriel´s connection with Chiara:

Gabriel Allon was in relationship with Chiara some weeks ago. It´s not described why they broke away. In the book she seems to be really beautiful. They met first time after the breakup because the pope advised Gabriel to visit Chiara because she tried to call him. But that wasn´t true! The pope only want them to be a couple again because he noticed that Gabriel is even feeling for her. So when he met Chiara  she wasn´t really nice to him but they converged more and more. Until now (I had read a bit more than half) they are close friends again. But because of the fact that Gabriel Allon is on the way all the time since the Vatican was assassinated they don´t have so much time for each other. But that can change…

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Character Analysis of Daniel Silva´s book “The Messenger”

Description of Gabriel Allon:

Gabriel Allon, an operator, is the main charakter is this book. He is really living his job that´s why he is so good. If he get a brief he will do it accurately and with his full power. But if he´s not in duty he likes to draw pictures and is also interested in other kind of art. Also there are in the book some parts where Gabriel Allon gets some appeals by guys he don´t like. That makes no difference for him so he makes the wishes come true…if he can manage it! I think that´s an important aspect for the reader to like him. He is also really clever what he shows in the book with some nice ideas.

Personally he seems to be very nice for me and due to that I like him a lot.

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Personal Connection 2 of Daniel Silva´s book “The Messenger”

Gabriel Allon´s diary after the explosion he had heard and the diagnosis that he couldn´t reach Ari Schamron

Dear diary,

today was a really exiting day because after Schamron left by car I went home. But then I heard a huge explosion. I watched in TV if there is something about an attack but there was just nothing! So I decided to call Schamron to ask him what happened because he´s generally the first person who knows when something bad like an explosion happened. But I couldn´t reach him!? Why? Normally his telephone is never switched off. Or was the attack made to kill him? But he is such an important person in the fight against the terrorism. If we lost him we would lose a part of the battle! I just can hope that he would have survived if he had been the target!

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Personal Connection of Daniel Silva´s book “The Messenger”

Gabriel Allon, the operative, has a meeting with the director of the Israeli Intelligence, Ari Schamron, because he want to collect some facts about the attack which has been executed on the Vatican. After they had collected some suspicions Gabriel Allon went home. But suddenly there was a huge explosion! He switched on the TV but there were no information about what has happened. After a while he called Schamron but no one answered…

In this situation I would feel really sad and I would be worried about him. Gabriel knows Schamron long time ago and the were really close friends and colleagues. Also Ari Schamron was an important person for the safety for Israel and for the Israeli Intelligence. If he´s dead the assasins who were the executer of this detonation can be really happy. But don´t worry he survived the detonation and was brought in the hospital where he´s still in mortal danger.

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First Impressions of Daniel Silva´s book “The Messenger”

“It was Ali Massoudi who unwittingly roused Gabriel Allon from his brief and restless retirement: Massoudi, the great Europhile intellectual and freethinker , who, in a moment of blind panic, forgot that the English drive on the left side of the road.”

This is the beginning of my book “The Messenger”. First one doesn´t understand why that is said, but then the story goes on: Ali Massoudi was visiting a session about the peace in the middle east. When he wanted to return to his hotel he noticed that he was followed by a man he had seen in the audience. So he began to go faster and faster until he was running. But then there was a street to cross so he looked to the left side if there was a car and went on. I think you can imagine what will happen now. Ali Massoudi was knocked over by a truck.

I really like this entry a  lot because you don´t think that the person you get to know is killed in the first chapter and i hope the book will go on as exiting as it started.

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